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Mortal Kombat Add-on 1.19/1.18/1.17

Mortal Kombat Add-on

The deadly battle begins in Minecraft: the Mortal Kombat mod adds close and long range weapons, as well as armor from the popular Mortal Combat series. This is a legendary video game where one character fights another in a deadly battle. Movies and many cartoons have been made based on it, and now all of this is available in our beloved game.

6000 durability
The player gets invisibility to see the armor without glitches
Strength, jump boost, and resistance are applied
Health is increased by 30 (to 35 for Shao Kahn and the Wolf Knight)

Mortal Kombat Add-on 1.19/1.18/1.17

Close Combat Weapons

Ranged Weapon

Mortal Kombat Add-on 1.19/1.18/1.17

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