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Moon Knight 2 Add-on 1.19

Moon Knight 2 Add-on

With the Moon Knight 2 mod you will get the opportunity to become a real Moon Knight - a character from the Marvel Universe. The add-on introduces costumes of different characters and creatures from the series about this character. In addition, there will be structures and mobs with which you will be able to interact.

Pyramids will appear in the deserts, where there are statues of Honshu. If you break the statues, Honshu himself will appear, selling costumes and weapons for gold.
Moon Knight 2 Add-on 1.19

The suit gives the player resistance, strength, acceleration, and an increase in jump. If the mask is worn, night vision is also superimposed. The design of the elytras also matches the character.

Crescent Darts
Excellent weapon against enemies

Arthur Harrow
Desert Spawn
Fires magic
Spawns minions
Drops his weapon

Spawn: Desert
You can trade

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