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Raiyon's Glowing Ores Add-on 1.19+

Raiyon's Glowing Ores Add-on

Tired of searching for ore in caves, and sometimes find that you simply did not see a large number of resources? This problem can be solved with Raiyon's Glowing Ores mod, which introduces lighting for ore blocks. Now it will be harder for you to miss ore in your travels, which means survival in Minecraft will be a little easier.

Plus, the lighting from the ore prevents monsters from spawning, which means it will be harder to encounter enemies in caves.

Affected Blocks.
Diamond Ore
Emerald Ore
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore
All types of ore in Deepslate

Raiyon's Glowing Ores Add-on 1.19+

Changes in the new version
Added the function to replace regular ore with glowing ore
Fixed the decrease in frames per second
Fixed bugs
Silk touch now works on add-on blocks
Pickaxes work on add-on blocks

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