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SiegeCraft Add-on 1.19/1.18

SiegeCraft Add-on

Go on a siege of castles in Minecraft with the SiegeCraft mod. With the add-on, you'll get powerful equipment that is capable of destroying entire buildings with a single shot. Two types of guns and many types of ammunition are available for different strategies in battle.

The author promises even more weapons in the future.


SiegeCraft Add-on 1.19/1.18

Field cannon
Can be repositioned with a leash

Fortress Cannon
Bulky cannon
Tough to move
Used more for defense

Siege Workbench

Cannonball: Increased area damage and attack
Explosive Bullet: Increased area damage
Chain Shot: High hit chance
Buckshot: Deals low area damage
Fire Shot: Burns on impact
Rocket Shot: Explodes on approach (doesn't work on bosses)
Desiccation Shot: Massive explosion and desiccation effect

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