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Miraculous Add-on 1.18

Miraculous Add-on

"Lady Bug and the Super Cat" is a cartoon about two teenagers who become superheroes to protect their town. Now you, too, can become a superhero in Minecraft with the Miraculous mod. The addition introduces the ability to get superpowers of your choice.

You will have Kwami - these are creatures that allow you to get abilities. After using the abilities, you must be sure to feed your pet its favorite food. Interact with the mob by crouching to take it out.

Allows you to turn zombies and skeletons into allies
Interact with the butterfly scepter and wait for a skeleton or zombie to transform
Weapon: Scepter
Favorite food: cookies
Kwami: Nooro

Allows you to spawn friendly creatures.
Twice interact with a fan
Weapon: Fan
Favorite Food: Wheat Seeds
Kwami: Duusu

Miraculous Add-on 1.18

Paralyzes on attack
Use a long press with a wolf and crouch
Weapon: Spinner
Favorite Food: Bottle of Honey
Kwami: Pollen

Creates a wall of blocks
Use a long press on the shield screen
Weapon: Shield
Favorite food: Kelp
Kwami: Wayzz

Creates the illusion of chests and ore
Use a long press on the flute screen
Weapon: Flute
Favorite food: Sweet berries
Kwami: Trixx

Black Cat
Any blocks the player interacts with will be broken
Use a long press on the screen with the staff
Weapon: Staff
Favorite Food: Cheese
Kwami: Plagg

Lady Bug
Gives a random weapon.
Use a long press on the screen with a yo-yo
Weapon: Yo-yo
Favorite Food: Cookies
Kwami: Tikki

Works in version only

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