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NewTridents Add-on 1.18

NewTridents Add-on

The NewTridents add-on offers new types of tridents that you can use in Minecraft. Each type of weapon has a variety of abilities and damage. All can be created in survival mode in the new custom workbench. Use the new weapons to fight enemies.

Custom Workbench
NewTridents Add-on 1.18

Trident Heads

Trident TNT
Creates an explosion at the landing site

Trident Shulker
High damage and levitation

Trident Redstone
Damage: 9

Trident of Obsidian
Damage: 11
Immunity to Fire

Trident of Fire
Burns on impact

Trident of Lapis Lazuli
Standard Damage

Trident of Diamonds
Damage: 11

Nether Trident
Damage: 12
Immunity to Fire

Iron Trident
Damage: 10

Ice Trident
Traps ice three by three blocks

Golden Trident
Virtually a decoration
Standard Damage

Gold Trident Miner
Can break blocks that the golden pickaxe breaks

Iron Trident Miner's Trident
Can break the blocks the iron pick breaks

Miner's Trident Diamond
You can break blocks that the diamond pick breaks

Iron Trident Miner's Trident
Can break blocks that the non-grey pickaxe breaks

Ender Trident
Allows you to teleport

Brass Miner's Trident
Creates lightning

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