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3D Simplified Gun Add-on 1.18

3D Simplified Gun Add-on

The mod for improved and simplified weapons - 3D Simplified Gun. With this add-on, you will be able to use firearms in the Minecraft world. They have simple textures and models, so they work very well and almost without errors. At the same time, the add-on will work even on weak devices with low power.


Without them it will be difficult to shoot
3D Simplified Gun Add-on 1.18

Simplified G36C
You can aim while crouching
Damage: 8
Ammo: 31 rounds
Category: Rifle

Simplified Glock
Shooting mode can be changed while crouching
Damage: 5
Ammo: 12 rounds
Category: Pistol

Aug A3 Simplified
You can aim when crouching
Damage: 8
Ammo: 40 rounds
Category: Rifle

Simplified Sniper Rifle
Piercing Shot
Damage: 8
Ammo: 25 rounds
Category: Rifle

Simplified Minigun
Destroy Everything That Moves
Damage: 8
Ammo: 150 rounds

Simplified double barrel shotgun
Only 2 bullets, but flying
Damage: 15

In addition, there will be bulletproof vests, grenades, and more.

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