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True Undeads Add-on 1.18/1.17+

True Undeads Add-on

The apocalypse is cool, of course, but if zombies don't get new features, it's sad. Regular zombies, even if there are a lot of them, will not handle an experienced user. That's why the author of True Undeads mod decided to give the undead new features. Now it will be more difficult to fight with the dead, because they will be able to pass through doors and will attack even if they are deprived of their arms and head.

Zombies don't burn in the sun.

Break down doors in 5 seconds.

Increased zombie spawn.

Mobs will now be able to shoot with an arrow

As a rule, the dead do not like water

Increased the attack radius of monsters

Escaping from mobs at night will be more difficult

If you squat, zombies won't attack the player

Headless zombies can't see the character, but they can sense it

Husks got the same improvements, and the hunger lasts longer

Zombies drop more items

Rotten Guts: Gives new items

Regular Zombie: Sometimes with a bow
True Undeads Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Zombie with No Right Arm: Highly Dangerous

Zombie with no left arm: sometimes with bow

Headless Zombie: Not the smartest

Headless and right handed Zombie: Not very smart either.

Headless and left handed zombie: Not his wit.

Rotten brain: not worth eating.

Rotten heart: not worth eating either.

Rotten intestines: Sometimes you can find useful things

Rotten lung: think you should eat something else

Rotten stomach: also not recommended.

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