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Home+ Add-on

Decorating houses is the most important part of the whole gameplay in Minecraft. Literally everything depends on it: your mood, comfort, and therefore your ability to fight your enemies. Therefore, you should equip your home properly and apply the appropriate add-ons for this purpose. Home+ mod will add a lot of decor elements to make survival easier and more interesting.


Living Room
Ceiling lights (black and white)
Chairs (black, white and orange)
Custom doors (three options)
Lamps (three choices)
Bamboo and planter pots
Lanterns for roofs or ceilings
Shelves for items
Sofas (black, gray and white)
Ceiling fans
Custom ladders
Shelf decorations (books, spices, potions, and pots)

Plate (you can put food)
Kitchen cabinets (21 options)
Knife rack
Two stools
Toaster (you can cooperate)
Oven (can be interacted with)
Decorative kettle, dirty plates, pan and pot
3 types of sinks

Sleeping Room
Table lamps (two options)
Coat rack (can be mounted armor)
Sword stand (you can put a sword)
Hat stand (can be interacted with)
LED Lights
Bedside tables
Plush toys

Bathroom Cabinets
Shower (you can interact)
Wash basin (you can interact)
Toilet (you can interact)

Doorbell (can be cooperated)
Garden chair and table
Wall of grass
Grill (can be cooperated)
Hanging pots
Sprinklers and a large sprinkler (ideal for decorations or wheat)
Items for floating
Functional sky lanterns
Log Chair
Picnic chairs (oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, jungle wood and birch)
Picnic tables (oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, jungle wood, birch)
Tall torches


Gifts (you can put a name tag on them)
Decorative Gifts
9 Christmas tree decorations
Christmas trees (can be decorated)

How to get?
Only in creative inventory

Examples of decorations

Changes in the new version
Added more blocks
Added recipes
Added workbench
Fixed bugs

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