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Realight Add-on 1.18+

Realight Add-on

Let's light up the world of Minecraft with the Realight mod. The add-on changes the function of lighting devices. Now when holding a torch, glowing pumpkin or other lighting device, light will emanate from the object, even if you don't put it. The player will have no problem lighting wherever he is. A pocket light source will allow you to explore caves for an extremely long time, while not wasting resources on torches. A handy and useful addition for every miner.

Realight Add-on 1.18+

Supported Items
Immortality Totem
Glowing Dust
Experience Bottle
Blue Ice
Magma Cream
Fire powder
Ender chest
Nether Star
Book of Enchantment
Red Torch
Ifrit's Rod
Jack Lantern
Sea Lantern
Cooking Rack
End Rod
Sea Cucumber
Shower Torch
Shower Lamp
Campfire Shower
Mushroom Light
Crying Obsidian
Lava Bucket

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