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Dark Deception Add-on 1.18+

Dark Deception Add-on

Dark Deception mod is inspired by the game of the same name. The game is a first-person maze in the horror genre. The design is quite funny, so the characters are not as scary as they may seem at first look. However, you will be able to experience the creepy atmosphere in Minecraft. The addition includes many characters from this game, from the simplest to the scariest.

In addition, a couple of blocks will appear.

Killer Monkey

Frenzy Killer Monkey


Frenzy Agatha

Phantom Malak


Terrible duck

Frenzy Terrible Duck

Gremlin Clown

Frenzy Gremlin Clown

Goliath the Clown


Frenzy Lucky


Frenzy Penny


Frenzy Hangry

Joy Kill

Mama Bear

Trigger Teddy 1

Trigger Teddy 2

Frenzy Trigger Teddy 1

Frenzy Trigger Teddy 2


Land Camera


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