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Bedrock Magnets Add-on 1.17+

Bedrock Magnets Add-on

Bedrock Magnets mod allow you to collect things quickly in Minecraft PE. You'll be able to collect things from a long distance without even getting to them. Very handy tools that are easy to create in survival mode.

Little magnet
Duration: 20 seconds
Strength: 30
Reload: 80 seconds
Range: 6 blocks

Medium Magnet
Duration: 30 seconds
Strength: 60 units
Reload: 45 seconds
Range: 8 blocks

Large Magnet
Duration: 40 seconds
Strength: 90 units
Reload: 55 seconds
Range: 10 blocks

How do I activate magnets?
All you have to do is take a magnet in your hand and start using it as food. The item will activate and start magnetizing objects. After that, the magnet will begin to recharge: at this point, it cannot be used.

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