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Xenocraft: Remastered Add-on 1.17+

Xenocraft: Remastered Add-on

The second version of the addition based on the movie Alien. The Xenocraft: Remastered mod adds Aliens to the world of Minecraft. So far everything is only in a test version, so expect an update. But even now you will be able to interact with xenomorphs, destroy their nests and even try to fight the Queen. In the future there will be significantly more features.

Of course, all the addition's mobs will be aggressive. Behavior is still being worked out, so bugs are not excluded.

Xenocraft: Remastered Add-on 1.17+


Adult Alien

Alien drone

Alien Warrior


Xenomorph Queen


1911 Pistol.

To reload a weapon, you must take the magazine in one hand and the weapon in the other.

Changes in the new version
New guns
New drone and warrior behaviors
Some bug fixes

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