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Calamity Add-on 1.17+

Calamity Add-on

The Calamity mod includes a lot of new monsters in Minecraft. Each of them can be spawned with special blocks. The blocks can be found in rare structures, but they must first be unlocked. To do this, you need to get a key. Extremely useful items will fall out of monsters, but, of course, it will be very hard to kill them.
Calamity Add-on 1.17+

List of blocks
Wooden (appears all over the world)
Stone (appears in caves)
Prismarine (appears on beaches)
Iron (appears in caves)
Gold (appears in caves or the Nether World)
Diamond (appears deep in caves)
Emerald (appears deep in caves)
Obsidian (appears deep in caves or in the End)
Magma (appears in the Nether World)
Purple (appears in the End)

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