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Grapple Hooks Add-on 1.17+

Grapple Hooks Add-on

The cave update is already awaiting its second release, but we still don't know how we will move through the caves of Minecraft. Moving in lush caves full of vines and other plants will be quite difficult. That's why the author of the Grapple Hooks mod came up with a new idea. Or rather, the idea was cleverly stolen from the game Terraria and transferred to the block world. Now you can move through high caves with a cat-hook.

The object can grab onto any surface. Crafted from 3 leashes and 1 amethyst shard.
Grapple Hooks Add-on 1.17+

The item shoots like a snowball, and attracts the player if snagged on a surface. Note that each use, even without a hit, consumes strength.

Thread is used to repair it. The tool can be enchanted.

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