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Holy Islands Add-on 1.17+

Holy Islands Add-on

Rumors of a Holy biome in Minecraft have been around ever since The Nether was added. Unfortunately, we still haven't seen the new dimension. Therefore, mod developers are introducing their own versions of the heavenly dimension into the game. For example, the Holy Islands mod adds a new biome that generated above the normal world.

Items can be obtained by command /give holyislands or /function holyislands_blocks.

Chipped cloud rune.
-The player gets the item at the start
-When activated, you get levitation, which means you can go to Holy islands without blocks from the start
Holy Islands Add-on 1.17+

Sacred Islands

Black Sun Berry Bush
-Sacred Islands Plant.
-You can get berries with Blinding Effect.
-Can only be grown on sacred dirt or grass

Growth stages of the solar berry bush

Seeds of the sunberry

Sacred Mud and Grass

-Contains useful things
-Cloud Rune and Iron Key Mimic can be found here

Cloud Rune
Effects: Levitation and Slow Fall

Holy Chest
-Opens with iron key
-Contains unique items
-Cannot be opened with other keys
-Sometimes the chest can revive and attack the player

Iron Mimic's Summoning Staff
-Contained in the Holy chest
-Spawns an iron mimic that attacks enemies

Mimic Wooden Sword
-Damage Diamond Sword
-Contained in the Holy Chest

Creates an item to spawn a living mimic.
-Contained in Holy Chest
-Spawns enemy iron mimic

Sacred Oak Workbench
Used to make new items


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