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Tricky Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Tricky Add-on

Have you ever watched a TV series called Madness Combat? Or maybe you just know who Tricky is? The new add-on adds a famous character from the Madness Combat TV series called Tricky. But who is Tricky for those who have not heard of him. He is a unique assassin who is using his unique skills and power to revive many times, extremely fast run and extremely high jump at high speeds, and has fantastic melee combat skills that allowed him to make the most powerful of characters helpless and weak.

In the aforementioned series, this character was killed more than ten times! And now, he will come to life again, but only this time in the Minecraft world, get ready for new challenges and a new monster. Let's take a look at the features of this add-on below.

Features of add-on Tricky

As mentioned earlier, this add-on adds a famous character from the Madness Combat TV series whose name is Tricky, but also, in addition to this monster, new blocks and some other monsters will be added to the game. In fact, the game will feature the same Tricky, but in different phases of development and with different abilities. We also draw your attention to the fact that the very blocks that will be added to your world will spawn mobs.

So let's take a look at the different phases of Tricky and its features.

Tricky phases:

1. First: This mob has 60 health points and can fly. Use arrows during battle. Mob screenshot:

Tricky Phase 1

2. Second: This mob has 300 health points and can deal 8 damage with the effect of withering. Mob screenshot:

Tricky Phase 2

3. Third: This mob has 500 health points. Uses the signals that it shoots during the battle. Signals deal 20 damage on hit, plus a blindness effect. Mob screenshot:

Tricky Phase 3

4. Fourth: This mob has 500 health points. Uses projectiles during battle. Please note that sometimes you may notice how this mob will attack itself, this is normal. The projectiles of this mob will do 50 damage since when they hit their target, they will explode, blind their target and summon three lightning bolts. Mob screenshot:

Tricky Phase 4

5. Fifth: This mob has 500 health points and summons Skeletons. These mobs, namely skeletons, will spawn in four different types, namely hairy, giant, simple, and armored. Mob screenshot:

Tricky Phase 5

6. And the last sixth: This mob has 1000 health points. The features of the attack of this mob will be a mystery to you. Mob screenshot:

Tricky Phase 6

Get ready for an epic battle!

Blocks that spawn new mobs. After the player destroys one of the blocks of the Tricky phase, the mob will be spawned.
Starting from the second phase, the command for the shadow: tos1 block, for the third phase, is shadow: tos2, the fourth phase is shadow: tos3, the fifth phase is shadow: tos7, and the last sixth is shadow: tos8.

As for the aforementioned skeletons, you need to use the commands for them:

-shadow: tos4;
-shadow: tos5;
-shadow: tos6;
-shadow: tos9.

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