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Kill Counter Add-on 1.16+

Kill Counter Add-on

We present to your attention a new add-on that will be useful to those who create a new world and set a specific goal for themselves, or in which there is a goal to kill mobs or players. This add-on can be used in games where players get certain useful items for killing different mobs or just players. For example, games in the PvP Kit genre where players can unlock the next kit by killing a certain number of players.

The second option is games in the genre of mob arena where players, on the contrary, kill mobs in order to get better items.

Please note that this add-on has two different Kill Counter versions available to players, one of which is designed for killing mobs, and the second for killing players.

Attention: Please note that in order for the add-on to work correctly, it is necessary that this add-on has a high priority in the game settings. If the player uses another add-on with some kind of entity or something related to this and the priority of such an add-on is higher than the Kill Counter add-on, then the Kill Counter add-on will not work.

After using the add-on, in order for players to use it in their world, you must use a special command /scoreboard, with the following text:


objectives add Kills dummy [here you can write any name you want to be displayed]! Example of a command in the game:

The next player action is to use the / function kill command, and set the repeat command block so that it is always active. Screenshot of how the settings look in the game:

function kill

After completing the above steps, your kill counter will work!

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