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Block Cloner Add-on 1.16+

Block Cloner Add-on

Do you like to build but the blocks run out? Would you like to just clone existing blocks? If so, and you really would like to be able to clone blocks without using cheats, then the new addon is what you need. The new addon adds a completely new block to the Minecraft world that has the unique ability to clone other blocks. Let's take a look at the features of the new block below.

Features of the new cloner block

Below we will look at how it works and how to get a new block. This process consists of three stages.

1. First stage: Players can get a new block using one of two available methods: a crafting recipe to craft a block or a special command / give @s, followed by the text: vc: cloner. Crafting recipe:

First stage

2. Second stage: After you have received a block after crafting or after using a command, you need to place it so that you can place another block under it. Under the new cloner block, the player needs to place the block that he wants to clone. Screenshot of how it works:

Second stage

3. The third stage: In order for the cloner to start working, it is necessary to insert a block into it, for example, as in the screenshot below, a coal block was selected for this role. After that, the cloner will fill with lava. Above the cloner block, the block you want to clone will gradually be created. The process of creating one block can take up to 16 seconds. Screenshot:

The third stage

4. Fourth stage: The last stage. After a block has been created above the cloner, players can take it, after which the cloner will need at least 20 seconds before you repeat the process. It's kind of a cooldown. Once twenty seconds have passed, you can repeat the process. Screenshot:

Fourth stage

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