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Hovercraft Add-on 1.16+

Hovercraft Add-on

Would you like to add a new unique vehicle to your Minecraft world? If yes, then you will definitely be interested in such a vehicle as a hovercraft! This is something unusual for every player. Why? Because this vehicle can drive both on land and move on the water! This is a very useful type of transport that will be useful to every player for a more comfortable movement around the Minecraft world. You may have heard the name of this vehicle as air-cushion vehicle or ACV.

As mentioned earlier, this type of transport can move on any surface, namely, water, land, snow, mud, and any other. Due to the strong air pressure in the air cushion, this vessel can move at high speed both over water and overland on a hard surface.

Players can craft this type of vehicle in survival mode using the special crafting recipe you will see below. Also, the hovercraft is available in several styles.

As mentioned earlier, players can get a hovercraft using the crafting recipe in Survival Mode:

Hovercraft (1)

Hovercraft (2)

Or in Creative mode in the spawn section.

After crafting, it will always be red, but players can easily change its color. To do this, place your vehicle on the stonecutter:

Get a fun new experience of moving by land and water. Drive your vehicle carefully on the water, avoid submerging your vehicle underwater!

Hovercraft (3)

Hovercraft (4)

Hovercraft (5)

Do not forget to enable Experimental mode!

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