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Morningstar War Add-on 1.20

Morningstar War Add-on

Would you like to add real military equipment of the 2000s to your Minecraft world? If you are a fan of military themes or just like epic and powerful battles, then this new Morningstar War addon is what you need. We present you with a new addon that adds four types of military vehicles, as well as one 3D rifle to your world. Please note that this addon is still at the development stage. Let's take a closer look at the new addon and its features.

Morningstar War Add-on 1.20

As mentioned earlier, the main feature of this add-on is military transport and one weapon. These are military technologies that can allow players to defeat their enemies with ease. This addon adds four types of military equipment, as well as one 3D rifle to your world.

The first thing we will look at is military transport.

Types of military vehicles:

1. HMMWV or as it is also called Humvee. This is an abbreviation for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. This is an American army off-road vehicle, which is in service mainly with the US Armed Forces, as well as the armed forces, police, and other services of some other countries. The car has a high cross-country ability. This car has four seats. Also added animation. Below is a screenshot of the vehicle:


2. The next military vehicle is a powerful BTR80. The BTR80 is a model 80 armored transporter. This vehicle has nine seats, a moving turret, and the ability to float on water. Also added animation. Below is a screenshot of the vehicle:


3. Another type of transport is the M939 truck, which is a five-ton, 4-wheel drive 6 × 6 truck commonly used in the US Armed Forces. This truck is a development of the M809 series of five-ton trucks. This vehicle has twelve seats. Also added animation. Below is a screenshot of the vehicle:

M939 truck

4. And the last is a military speedboat. This boat has nine seats and can move quickly through the water.


As mentioned earlier, in addition to military vehicles, a military rifle will also be added to the Minecraft world, namely the M24. This is a very famous rifle that has added aiming, aiming, reloading animations and can hold up to five bullets in a magazine.


Changes in the new version
Bug fixes

Morningstar War Add-on 1.20

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