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Potions Plus Add-on 1.16+

Potions Plus Add-on

Would you like to add completely new potions to your Minecraft world? If you are interested, then we present you with an interesting addon that will add new and unique potions to your world with new effects and brewing recipes. In total, five new potions will be added to the game. Please note that all new potions can be used by players while surviving in the Minecraft world, and can also be used when integrating into the game for passing.

As mentioned earlier, players can use five new potions, each of which has specific effects, such as levitate, absorb, resist, discount, and haste. Players can brew all new potions. It's very simple, just follow the recipes by combining one ingredient with another.

Below you can see the recipes with the main ingredient, and a photo of the potions:

1. Resistance, main ingredient: diamond:


2. Absorption, main ingredient: gold block:


3. Haste, main ingredient: lapis lazuli:


4. Levitation, Main Ingredient: Shulker's Shell:


5. Discount, main ingredient: emerald block:


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