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Valhalla: Conquest Map

Valhalla: Conquest Map

Do you like to play different interesting and funny mini-games? If yes, then the new Valhalla mini-game is what you need. This is an exciting new experience in which players have to fight to capture the enemy base. Also, a feature of this game is the ability to choose one of the four available game classes for your character, namely alchemist, assassin, knight, or archer. This mini-game is also available to play with your friends in One vs. One mode!

For the best experience and an interesting game, the minimum number of players is Six! The more players the better and more fun. Let's take a look at all the features of this mini-game.

How does it work?

The first thing worth paying your attention to is the game settings:

1. Game Mode=Adventure;
2. Fire Spreads=False;
3. TnT Explodes=False;
4. Natural Regeneration=False;
5. Immediate Respawn=True;
6. Respawn Radius=1;
7. Holiday Creator Features=True;
8. Creation of Custom Biomes=True;
9. Additional Modding Capabilites=True;
10. Activate Cheats=True;
11. Always Day=False;
12. Do Daylight Cycle=False;
13. Keep Inventory=True;
14. Mob Spawning=False;
15. Entites Drop Loot=False;
16. Weather Cycle = False;
17. Command Blocks Enabled=True;
18. Random Tick Speed =0.

To start the game, the player needs to use certain commands /function, namely:

First command: reset_game:

/function reset_game

Second command: start_game:

/function start_game

Players will need these commands to restart the mini-game or just start a new one! If during the game there is a bug, you must use the first command that fixes the bugs.

In a new mini-game, players will have to choose a team for which they will fight. In the game, you can choose between villagers and illagers. The villagers are red and the illagers are green. Different colors will be displayed on the players' armor.

Let's take a closer look at the classes that players can choose to play.

In order for the player to choose a certain desired class for the game, it is necessary to enter the entity.

As mentioned earlier in this mini-game, players will have four classes available for their character, namely alchemist, assassin, knight, or archer.

Class types:

1. The first is the archers. This class is equipped with leather armor. They have two types of weapons, a wooden sword, a bow, or a crossbow.

2. The second is the knights. This class is fully equipped with iron armor. They have an iron sword as a weapon. Also, a feature of this class is an increase in health points, the number of health points is increased by four hearts.

3. The third class is assassins. This class has no specific armor. They have an iron dagger as a weapon that deals eight damage to their target. First level movement speed. Invisible during crouching.

4. The last class is alchemists. This class has a leather helmet. Have a wooden sword as a weapon. During melee attacks, the sword can knock back the enemy. Also, a feature of this class is the possession of potions.


Potion types (each type of potion is 16, except for the instant health of which only 4):

1. Four potions of instant health;
2. Regeneration (sixteen);
3. Poison (sixty);
4. Strength (sixty);
5. Weakness (sixty);
6. Slowness (sixty);
7. Swiftness (sixty).

The game begins with the fact that the player, having chosen a certain type of class and team, spawns at his base (each team in the game will have its own base). The first goal of each team is to capture the bridge. After the players successfully capture the bridge, it is necessary to capture the outpost.

Please note that each capture point must be in turn, otherwise you will not win the game, for example, players cannot break through to the base of illagers or villagers and capture it without an outpost or bridge. The sequence of the game in simple words:

1. Spawn at the base;
2. Protection of the outpost;
3. Capturing the bridge;
4. Capturing the outpost of your enemies;
5. The end point is the base of your enemies!

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