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Stone Age Parkour Map

Stone Age Parkour Map

Do you like playing different maps of parkour for a better experience? If so and you really want to practice your parkour skills, then the new map is exactly what you need. The new map of parkour called Stone Age has a unique design. The whole map is decorated with stones. Beautiful and unique architecture gives players the opportunity to discover a new world of parkour.

This map consists of seven levels where each subsequent one will be more difficult than the previous one. In other words, starting from the first level and up to the seventh level, each next level will be more and more difficult. This game can be played to the end, but if you get stuck somewhere, you should try again.

Below you can see screenshots of different levels of the new map.

Game levels:

First level:

Level 1

Second level:

Level 2

Third level:

Level 3

Fourth level:

Level 4

Fifth level:

Level 5

Sixth level:

Level 6

Seventh level:

Level 7

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