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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft on Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft on Android. This update fixed 14 bugs and made 12 technical changes.

Fixed bugs
14 bug fixes. Read more:
Frogs no longer eat Goats.
Fixed a bug with disappearing inventory slots
Cocoa Fruit does not break when placed on a chunk border
Multifaceted block transformations work correctly in Structural Block
Observers do not remain enabled in inventory when destroyed during variable work
Paintings do not overlap Luminous Frames, Plaques, Flags, and Torches
Pillager outpost spawns the correct number of Pillagers and Iron Golems
Boats do not disappear after a long voyage
The color of the oars matches the color of your Minecraft Boats
Untamed Cats can be leashed
Guardians and Elder Guardian do not sink when targeting Players or enemies
Changed the colors in the creative mode inventory
Fixed empty creative mode inventory slots
Chests and Mob Spawners are generated correctly in structures

Technical Changes
Added 12 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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