Furnicraft Addon

Furnicraft Addon 

Furnicraft Addon creates a new twelve items in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, with which you can decorate your interior in a gaming dwelling! These are very useful items, since they have the appearance of furniture. If you are tired of standard items and you want to make your house unique, then this mod definitely suits you.


There is a piano, kitchen furniture, a computer and much more!

How does it work?

Furniture blocks will be created in the world of Minecraft PE instead of the standard blocks. So, you have the ability to rotate them when you place an object somewhere on the plane.


Install furniture wherever you like, and turn to the side where the subject will look beautiful. Below you can see a list of new interior elements:

  • TV - Creeper's Head
  • Gamer Computer - instead of Dragon's Head
  • Stove - instead of Wither's Skeleton Skull
  • Pool table - instead of Zombie's Head
  • Chairs & Couches - instead of Zombie Villager
  • Piano instrument - instead of Steve Head
  • Colored 3D Bed - instead of every kind of beds
  • Tables - instead of Shulkers
  • Kitchen furniture - instead of stonecutter
  • Lucky block - instead of Hell Reactor
  • Barrier block - instead of HellReactor2
  • False End portal - instead of HellReactor3



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