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DarkNight Mode PLUS (Editon) Texture Pack

DarkNight Mode PLUS (Editon)

New texture pack for your user interface. Using this texture pack you will add a new night theme to the game, thereby making your interface unique and more interesting. In addition to this, thanks to the new texture pack, new skins and other interesting features such as blue letters will be added. All this is much more in the new texture pack.

Below you can see how the background will look in the game of the main menu:

Also, below you can see new skins that will be available using the new texture pack with mods:

DarkNight Mode PLUS (Editon) Texture Pack

Since this texture pack with mods is the second version of a previously created mod, in this version all bugs and crashes are fixed, which also improved the gameplay:

And the last one is a unique Auto-save button:

DarkNight Mode PLUS (Editon) Texture Pack

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