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CraftVoxels Texture Pack

CraftVoxels Texture Pack

We present you with a new texture pack called Craft Voxels! This is a new texture pack created using voxel style. New textures improve the existing ones in the Minecraft world. For those who do not know what a voxel is, it is an element of a volumetric image containing the value of a raster element in three-dimensional space. Voxels are analogous to 2D pixels for 3D space.

In your Minecraft world, textures will be changed to brighter ones and the resolution will be 32x32.

Below you can see screenshots of how it will look in the Minecraft world:

CraftVoxels (1)

CraftVoxels (2)

CraftVoxels (3)

CraftVoxels (4)

CraftVoxels (5)

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