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Defensive Turrets Addon

Defensive Turrets Addon

New security system for your house in MCPE, it is new mod with Defensive turrets. Surrounding your house, turrets guarantee of protection from your enemies, they attack all the hostile mobs which can try to get close. There are six types of turrets, each of them has her own color and projectiles. Player can upgraded turret he wants, to increase speed of attack, health and view distance. Perhaps it is the most effective mechanism for protection of house.

Additional information about turrets:

  • They replace shulker.
  • Create shulkers and get usual purple turrets.
  • Heal turret, by throwing bottle of Enchanting.
  • Update turrets to next level, by using gunpowder.
  • Update turrets to the last level (third level), by using diamond.

In order to transform purple turrets into another, by pressing long tap and hold one of listed resources:

— Dyes (the turrets):

- pink — able to heal you in radius of four blocks;
- lime — able to shoot with fireball;
- black — able to shoot with wither skull;

— Lapis-lazuli — shoots with arrow;
— Yellow dandelion — shoots with thunderbolt.

Defensive Turrets Addon

Almost all the turrets are looks the same, they have only difference in color, except of healing turret. In case if you want to know on what level your turret, just look on barrels: first level is two barrels, second level — three, third, — four barrels.

Please pay attention while using green, black and yellow turret, they can destroy your house, put them on safe distance. Also, recommended putting them on high pillar, so they would be untouchable of mobs.

Defensive Turrets Addon

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