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Better Craft Add-on 1.20+

Better Craft Add-on

The Better Craft Mod is aimed at improving the overall gaming experience in Minecraft: this build offers new mobs, crafting recipes, blocks, and many other updates.

New types of blocks
Better Craft Add-on 1.20+

Chrome Ore
Generated in Jungle biomes on levels 60-64
Only breakable with Netherite pickaxes

Generated in The End and breakable with Diamond and Netherite pickaxes

Added Stones, Flowers, plants

They have added new mobs, and some usual creatures have got new models.

Deep Sea Monster
Health: 25
Damage: 3
Spawn: ocean
Applies Darkness

Health: 5
Damage: 1
Spawn: beaches
You can cook Phalanges

Health: 20
Damage: 3
Spawn: desert
Applies Poison
With a low chance, it will drop a weapon

Blind Zombies
Health: 20
Damage: 3
Spawn: Overworld

Enhanced Ghast
Health: 30
Damage: 6
Spawn: Nether

Health: 15
Spawn: Cold biomes

Health: 20
Damage: 6
Spawn: Overworld

Health: 2
Spawn: Forest

Health: 10
Damage: 2
Spawn: Forest
Attacks Zombies






Dealing area damage

End Craft Table

Chrome items

Enderite Block



Wooden Box

Stonecutter recipes


Fried Crab Claw

Dragon Heart

Enderite Ingot

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