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Train Cargo Add-on 1.20+

Train Cargo Add-on

Riding Minecarts is a thing of the past. It's time to move on to more modern transportation: for this, you can use the Train Cargo mod. You will be able to ride on new Trains and transport a variety of cargoes, as the Trains will be cargo types. There are a total of 7 diverse Trains available for Minecraft Bedrock.

You can switch train speeds, paint them, and apply different types. Use special items thoughtfully added by the author for controlling the trains.

- /summon hp:auto_racks
- /summon hp:box_cars
- /summon hp:center_beams
- /summon hp:coil_cars
- /summon hp:covered_hoppers
- /summon hp:flat_cars
- /summon hp:gondalas
- /summon hp:intermodal_containers
- /summon hp:open_top_hoppers
- /summon hp:refrigerated_box_cars
- /summon hp:tank_cars
- /summon hp:well_cars

Train Cargo Add-on 1.20+

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