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Oberon Boss Add-on 1.20+

Oberon Boss Add-on

The Oberon Boss mod introduces a formidable boss, Oberon, from the popular game Counter Strike Online, specifically from a zombie expansion where players fight against hordes of the undead. Now, Oberon is the most fearsome enemy for those seeking serious battles in Minecraft.

- Regular Attack: Deals 13 damage.
Oberon Boss Add-on 1.20+

- Ground Slam: Occurs when you're within 8 blocks. Deals 27 damage and launches entities into the air.

- Tremor: Causes the ground to shake when walking.

- Black Hole: Activated within 8 blocks range. Pulls everything within a 40-block radius towards it, then explodes to deal 21 damage.

- Claw Strike: When health drops to 50%, claws grow, dealing increased damage, extending reach, and inflicting poison.

- Death Leap: Activated beyond 44 blocks. The mob leaps at you, killing everything within a 13-block radius.

- Bombardment: Triggers when you are more than 8 blocks away. Launches lethal bombs in a three-wave explosion.

- Drops: 50-70 experience points, Netherite blocks, Drippers, Netherite forging patterns
- Spawn areas: Mesa and Desert
- Reduces damage from Guardian and Iron Golem attacks by 70%
- Immune to knockback
- 1000 health points

To spawn Oberon, an Asteroid needs to appear.

Changes in the new version
Fixed drop
Increased damage
Changed spawn

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