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MechanicalCraft | New Magnetic Hopper Add-on 1.20


The MechanicalCraft | New Magnetic Hopper mod brings mechanisms that simplify most player actions in Minecraft. The mod is compatible with most other add-ons, as long as they don't affect Zombie Villagers. The elements can be used in your creations or mini-games for unique capabilities.

Magnetic Hopper
Needs to be activated with a Redstone block.
Attracts items within a 7 block radius.
MechanicalCraft | New Magnetic Hopper Add-on 1.20

Melting Furnace
Turns Stone into Magma and Magma into Lava.

SEO Camera
Allows you to view other areas.
Requires a monitor with the same number as the Camera.
For static mode, you need to use an Armor Stand named static.

Recycles equipment into materials.

Drops 1-2 Seeds every 30 seconds.
First, you need to plant a plant.

Extracts ore from Stones.

Creates a Villager from DNA.
Requires a Redstone block, an Experience Potion, and Villager DNA.
DNA is obtained with Shears from Villagers.

Experience Machine
Add a Redstone block.
Experience Potions drop.

Changes in the new version

Added Improvement for Iron Golem
Added new recipes
Fixed bugs

MechanicalCraft | New Magnetic Hopper Add-on 1.20

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