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Mo'Magic Add-on 1.20

Mo'Magic Add-on

Mod Mo'Magic introduces new magical items, corruption spreading throughout the entire Minecraft world, fantastical creatures, and much more. Immerse yourself in a fresh, fairy-tale-like block universe.

- After vanquishing the Lich King, you will receive the Soul of the Necromancer.
- Once this item is activated, corruption begins to spread throughout the world.
- Currently, the only means to stop the corruption are containment or consecration, however, these functions are not available yet.
- The corruption spawns new types of ores, items, and creatures.
- The presence of corruption strengthens monsters.
- It hampers the player's movement and block extraction speed.
- Building an isolated island devoid of any connecting blocks is recommended.
Mo'Magic Add-on 1.20

Illuminating Staff
- This staff has the power to summon lightning onto enemies within a radius of 2-20 blocks.
- For crafting, a Lightning Crystal from the underground Temple of Zeus is needed.
- The Necromancer's Altar is used to create the staff.
- Each use consumes 20 mana points.

Necromancer's Staff
- Crafted at the Necromancer's Altar using 2 infected sticks and 1 block of Amethyst.
- Each use consumes 100 mana points and requires a magic level of at least 1.
- The staff can summon 3 friendly Zombies and 2 Skeletons for a certain period.

Magic Books
- Players will receive these books at the game's commencement.
- Losing these books is not advisable.
- They allow players to customize their interface and apply abilities.

Mana and Magic Level
- The maximum level attainable is 20.
- Each level grants 30 mana points.
- Mana regenerates every 2 seconds.
- Certain items necessitate a specific number of levels.
- To advance in levels, you must employ magic staffs (for example, to achieve level 1, a staff must be used 100 times).
- The maximum level requires 7000 experience points, grants 700 mana, and 6 points of regeneration.

Infected Zombie
- These creatures spawn from Zombies.
- They inflict a status called "Infection".

- These mythical creatures can fly and be tamed.
- Currently, they are not available in the survival mode.

Lich Baradur
- This entity appears in its own tower.

Necromancer's Altar
- This structure manifests upon defeating the Lich Baradur.
- It is used in crafting rituals.

Rune Cutter
- Currently, this item serves no purpose.

Rune Blocks
- At present, these are purely decorative.

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