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Complete Wolves Overhaul Add-on 1.19+

Complete Wolves Overhaul Add-on

Tired of the same mob features in Minecraft? The Complete Wolves Overhaul mod introduces new types of Wolves with unique Spawn Eggs, spawn locations, breeding mechanics, particles, and even barking sounds. An interesting and extensive update for the most loyal pets in the blocky world.
Complete Wolves Overhaul Add-on 1.19+

Different types of Wolves
Over 200 different types of Wolves will be added.

Breeding: most mobs breed only with their own kind, but some can be crossbred
Sounds: some Wolves do not bark at all, but breeds differ in sound
Spawn: each mob spawns in its own location
Taming: after taming, all Wolves will be the same, but the author will soon fix this

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