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Mad Max Add-on 1.19+/1.18+/1.17+/1.16

Mad Max Add-on

"Mad Max" is a popular series of movies in the diesel-punk genre. Mad Max mod offers you to use vehicles from this universe in the Minecraft world. A total of 4 types of transport will appear, which, unfortunately, can only be obtained through commands in chat.

Speed: 8 blocks per second
Has a chest
Health: 20 units
Places: 2 and 4
Commands for Transport
/summon hp:mad_road_runner
/summon hp:v8_interceptor
/summon hp:war_rig
/summon hp:war_rig_trailer

Commands for toys

Mad Max Add-on 1.19+/1.18+/1.17+/1.16

Use an invisibility potion to apply toy versions.

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