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Baguette's Structures Add-on 1.19

Baguette's Structures Add-on

Structures never hurt in Minecraft. They are always fun to explore and visit to get valuable treasures. Baguette's Structures mod offers to increase the number of structures. At the same time, all new structures will consist of regular blocks that are available in the game. More than 20 new structures will appear.

Large dungeons
Cross dungeons
Dungeons Traps
Underwater dungeon
Large mixed dungeons
Dirty shacks
Abandoned shacks
Small dungeons
Mesa dungeons
Baguette's Structures Add-on 1.19

Sanctuary of Herobrin
Destroyed Aetheric Portal
Stampy time travel machine
Nether Reactor Core

Above Ground Structures
Forest well
Bandit Tent

Forest Tower
Fake well in the desert
Temple of lush caves
Ice Temple

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