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Sword Addon Plus Add-on 1.17+

Sword Addon Plus Add-on

The Sword Addon Plus mod adds many swords with different abilities so that the player can use them in combat in Minecraft. The main goal will be to collect the rainbow sword. It will be the end point, as it is the most powerful weapon among those presented. There are 10 sword options available.

Flaming Sword
Damage: 17
Durability: 1200
Function: Fire Aspect 2
Effect: Resistance to Fire 20
Repair material: Charcoal

TNT Sword
Damage: 15
Strength: 500
Function: TNT Blast
Effect: 20 absorption
Repair material: Gunpowder

Sword of Lightning
Damage: 9
Strength: 250
Function: Lightning
Effect: 10 absorption, 10 instant health, 10 regeneration
Material for repair: Iron bar

Invisible Sword
Damage: 9
Strength: 360
Function: None
Effect: 20 Invisibility
Repair material: glass, flask, panel

Sword Arrow
Damage: 23
Strength: 810
Function: 9 volley arrows
Effect: 20 absorption
Repair material: Arrow

Sword Trident
Damage: 26
Strength: 810
Function: None
Effect: 20 absorption
Repair material: Trident

Teleportation Sword
Damage: 25
Strength: 980
Function: Teleport randomly
Effect: regeneration 8
Repair Material: Ender Pearl

Obsidian Sword
Damage: 150
Strength: 12000 units
Function: None
Effect: 20 absorption, 20 fire resistance, 20 acceleration
Material for repair: Obsidian

Root Sword
Damage: 8900
Strength: 6900
Function: None
Effect: none
Repair Material: Bedrock

Rainbow Sword
Damage: 8900
Strength: 6300
Function: All functions
Effect: 20 absorption
Repair material: Diamond

Craft a Flaming Sword

Craft TNT Sword

Craft Lightning Sword

Glass Sword Craft

Craft Sword of Arrows

Craft a Trident Sword

Craft a Teleportation Sword

Craft of Obsidian Sword

Bedrock Sword Crafting

Rainbow Sword Crafting

Obtaining Bedrock


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