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The Walking Dead Add-on 1.17+

The Walking Dead Add-On

They are everywhere. You can't hide from them. Even the government has given up and stopped fighting them. It's a real apocalypse. Zombies are popping up everywhere in Minecraft. If you are ready to fight them, then install The Walking Dead mod. Prepare for the fact that enemies will be everywhere and want to eat you. The build includes many new types of mobs, armor, and food.

Note that mobs will only spawn through creative mode.

Zombie Rogues
Extremely bloodthirsty creatures.
Were once human until a virus
Pretty weak, but still dangerous.
Damage: 5
Health: 20
Speed: Slow
The Walking Dead Add-on 1.17+

Infected Humans
Virus infects normal humans
Damage: 5 points
Health: 20 points
Speed: Average

Dangerous for their speed
Damage: 5
Health: 20
Speed: Fast

Zombie Crawlers
Monsters that have already begun to eat each other
Damage: 4 damage
Health: 8-13
Speed: Slow

Places an infection on the player
Extremely fast and dangerous.
Damage: 7
Health: 50-55
Speed: Very Fast

Super Zombie
Maximum Infestation
Damage: 12
Health: 140
Speed: medium

Mutated Zombie
Infected with the most dangerous kind of virus
Damage: 15
Health: 200
Speed: medium

Police Officers
Health: 25-35
Armed with a weapon.

Riot police
Health: 60-70
Armed with guns and clubs

Special Forces
Health: 60
Armed with weapons

Health: 50-60
Armed with weapons and gas masks

Armed Hazmat Agents
Sent by the virus control center
Outfitted with a dense suit

Multiple weapons: MP5, Thompson, pistols, shotguns, assault weapons, rifles, explosives, and more

A variety of canned food, dog food, virus cure, and more

Police armor, hazmat suit, gas masks, chemical defense suits, medical suits, and more

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