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Custom Armor Stand v1.2 Add-on 1.17+

Custom Armor Stand

Have you ever been interested to use a new type of armor stand in your game world? Maybe you want to add unique and most importantly individual armor stands? The new addon allows players to add new types of armor stands to their world. In the world of Minecraft, all the players will have the opportunity to seven types of stands for armor, while it is worth noting that all these stands have different models for those who are interested in having something individual or unique in their house.

On the screenshots below, you may see how it will look in the world of Minecraft and also how your armor will look on the stand with the armor:

Custom Armor Stand (1)
Custom Armor Stand (2)
Custom Armor Stand (3)
Custom Armor Stand (4)
Custom Armor Stand (5)

Please note that in the game you will see a special name tag that will allow players to equip an armor stand.

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