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StarWars Robes V1.3 Add-on 1.17+

StarWars Robes V1.3 Add-on

Do you like Star Wars? If you are a big fan of the universe of Star Wars then the new add-on will like you. If yes, or if you just want to add something new to your world, then the new add-on is exactly what you need. This add-on adds new clothes from Star Wars to the Minecraft world, namely a complete set of clothes for the Sith Darth Revan.

Using the new add-on, players will add a set of clothes to their world that consists of a Jedi robe, a Sith robe, a Darth Revan robe, and a Darth Revan mask. We recommend that you additionally use some kind of add-on so that you can also use a lightsaber in the game to add more realism to your image. Use the new armor to play role-playing games based on the Star Wars theme.

StarWars Robes V1.3 (1)

StarWars Robes V1.3 (2)

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