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Mettaton! Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Mettaton! Add-on

A new addon that adds to the world of Minecraft a new character whose name is Mettaton. This is a fairly well-known metal robot from a game called Undertale. This addon will be interesting both for fans of this game and for those who would like to see a new character in the world of Minecraft. The creator of this add-on is a big fan of the Undertale game, so he decided to transfer his favorite character to the Minecraft world.

Detailed Description of Mettaton (/summon Mettaton)

The addon adds a new character whose name is Mettaton. This mob is box-shaped. The new mob has 9999 HP and damage power 6. It doesn't like water. Movement speed is lower than the player’s character.


When this mob appears, a special soundtrack will play. If you want to turn it off, use the /stopsound command.

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