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Piggy Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Piggy Add-on

A large number of players who play Minecraft at least once have played a game like Roblox, which is very similar in functionality and game world to the Minecraft world. Have you ever played the horror game Piggy in Roblox? If so, then you can know what it is and what characters live in this game. Would you like to add such characters to your Minecraft world? If yes, then the new addon is what you need. The new addon adds a large number of different characters from the horror game Piggy to the Minecraft world, as well as some new items.

Also, an item such as Substance 128 will be added to the game, which is designed to infect characters with a special virus. If you want new challenges or just have fun then this new addon is what you need. Let's take a look at all the features of the new addon below.

Piggy addon features

As mentioned earlier, the new addon adds many characters from the horror game Piggy to the Minecraft world, as well as some items. All new Piggy characters have at least 100 hit points and can deal damage of five hearts. Also, all new characters have the same movement speed as zombies, with the exception of granny.

Below you can see what the first group of hostile and dangerous Piggy looks like:

Piggy (1)

The second group of characters also has different characters that differ in appearance from the first group, for example, such a mob as a Soldier. Please note that this is the only mob from the second group that has only 20 health points, the damage and movement speed are the same as for all others. Uses a knife for attacks.

Below you can see what some of the characters look like:

Piggy (2)

In the third group of Piggy characters, you will see more dangerous and creepy creatures. All of these characters have certain unique abilities such as silent kill, invisibility, slowness, and others.

Below you can see a screenshot of how they look:

Piggy (3)

And the last fourth group of monsters contains the most dangerous mobs, namely the giant Piggy and the boss.

Screenshot of Giant Piggy:

Giant Piggy

A mob with artificial intelligence and features like the aforementioned soldier will also be added.

Character Screenshot:


Other characters:

1. An alligator named Alfis. This character is tall enough and can swim:


2. The second mob is Glitchy. Please note that the memory is the same but with different colors:


3. A mob with a body similar to that of Slender, his name is Mr. Stitchy. In this addon it is a strong mob with a flashlight. If he is angry, you better run from him:

Mr stitchy

In addition to dangerous and hostile mobs in the game, there will also be good mobs that will be good helpers for you.

1. Georgie Piggy (or as many people used to call him George Piggy). In order for you to be able to tame it, you need to use an apple:

George piggy

2. The second mob is Officer Doggy. In order for players to be able to tame this mob, it is necessary to use bones:


New items:

1. Wooden baseball bat or black baseball bat. Damage: 5;
2. An icy baseball bat. Damage: 5.5;
3. Cutlass. Damage: 6;
4. Foil for fencing. Damage: 6;
5. Knife. Damage: 3.9;
6. Canister with gasoline;
7. Purple feather. Can be used for a hat;
8. Substance 128. Items for infection.

New items

Also, a car will be added to the game. Screenshot of the car (more colors for the car will be added soon):


Attention: Please note that some items do not have crafting recipes!

Don't forget to activate the Experimental Game Settings!

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