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Wandering Centaurs Add-on 1.16+

Wandering Centaurs Add-on 1.16+

Do you know who the centaurs are? It is a creature with the body of a horse, with the head and chest of a man. From now on, such mythical creatures can inhabit the Minecraft world. But don't underestimate them as they won't be kind at all! These are new strong hostile and very aggressive creatures that will attack both villagers and players. Wandering centaurs will not spawn in one place, they will spawn in different places and wander around the Minecraft world in search of villages, villagers, and players.

These creatures always strive to attack someone using their weapons, namely bows or swords. Also, these creatures can choose and wear certain equipment, but only after they find it. New hostile creatures are a new reason to become the hero of your villages. Protect villages and villagers from the attacks of these aggressive creatures.

Wandering Centaurs

In the world of Minecraft, you can see six different types of centaurs. Centaurs have six different appearance textures. We remind you that they will all be hostile and aggressive towards the players and villagers. They fight using a sword or bow. Please note that animation for the bow and sword will also be added to the game. Wander around the world in search of villages.

Note: These creatures never spawn underground, they only spawn in the Overworld. We also draw your attention to the fact that centaurs will spawn in groups of one to three creatures. In some cases, this may be several different groups. Spawn only during the day.

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