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Alton Towers PE Map

Alton Towers PE Map

Do you know what Alton Towers Resort is or where is it located? If not, then you have a unique opportunity to visit there in the world of Minecraft. For those who have been to this park, this map will also be interesting, since this map is made on a 1: 1 scale! This is a full-fledged copy of the real Alton Towers Resort park. Here players will have the opportunity to visit twenty different attractions. For those who do not know, Alton Towers is a large theme park with a large territory and a large number of different interesting and funny attractions.

This park is located in England, in addition to attractions, you can spend time on the territory of this park since this is not only an entertainment area but also designed for a resort. You can play golf, go to the pool, water park, spa, relax in the hotel and much more.

Interesting: This park is almost an exact copy of the park on a 1: 1 scale. In total, about 16 million blocks were used to create this map. The creator of this project spent three whole years creating this amazing creation.

Below you can see screenshots of what some of the places and attractions of this park look like:

Alton Towers PE (1)

Alton Towers PE (2)

Alton Towers PE (3)

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