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Epic Samurai's Add-on 1.20+

Epic Samurai's Add-on

Fulfill your dream of becoming a Samurai in Minecraft PE with the Epic Samurai's mod, featuring 10 types of Armor and 5 new Ore types. Each armor set can be crafted in survival mode.

Samurai Armor Types:

- Iron Samurai Armor
- Protection: 15
Epic Samurai's Add-on 1.20+

- Gold Samurai Armor
- Protection: 13

- Diamond Samurai Armor
- Protection: 19

- Netherite Samurai Armor
- Protection: 20

- Amethyst Samurai Armor
- Protection: 20

- Quartz Samurai Armor
- Protection: 19

- Ruby Samurai Armor
- Protection: 19

- Steel Samurai Armor
- Protection: 17

- Emerald Samurai Armor
- Protection: 19

- Onyx Samurai Armor
- Protection: 19

- Aquamarine Samurai Armor
- Protection: 19

- Silver Samurai Armor
- Protection: 16

Crafting Recipes:
- Discover the unique crafting recipes for each set of Samurai Armor in the game.

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