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Cybernetic Guns Add-on 1.20+

Cybernetic Guns Add-on

Step into the future with the Cybernetic Guns mod for Minecraft, which introduces an arsenal of futuristic weapons. Transform your battles into thrilling displays of advanced technology. Arm yourself with a range of high-tech firearms and conquer the universe.
Cybernetic Guns Add-on 1.20+

Featured Weapons:
- Quantum Blaster
- Harnessing the power of quantum mechanics.

- Plasma Destroyer
- Unleashes devastating plasma energy.

- Nanite Rifle
- Utilizes cutting-edge nanotechnology.

- Photon Phaser
- Emits concentrated photon beams.

- Tesla Pulse Cannon
- A marvel of electrical engineering.

Additional Screenshots:
- Explore more of the mod's offerings through various screenshots.

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