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Warden Family Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

Warden Family Add-on

The Warden Family mod introduces even more Wardens to Minecraft, aiming to create an entire family of these creatures that love to greet players in the depths of caves. Currently, the mod features just 2 new types of monsters, but these mobs have quite interesting models, reminiscent of popular characters.

Meet the new Wardens:

- Warden-Carnage
- Health: 600
- Attack: 30-36
- Speed: 0.39
- Poisonous
- Spawn: Mesa/Desert

Warden Family Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

- Warden-Venom
- Health: 540
- Attack: 32-36
- Speed: 0.35
- Poisonous
- Spawn: Cold Biomes/Desert

Distorted Warden
Health: 1000
Attack: 6-666
Speed: 0.36
Spawn: Lower Nether/Desert

Warden Octopus
Health: 500
Defence: 300
Damage: 18-36
Speed: 0.32
Spawn: Dripsone Caves

Police Warden
Health: 550
Attack: 20-30
Speed: 0.35
Spawn: Cave

Changes in the new version
Added two Warden
Fixed animations

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