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Sniffer, the Ancient Mob Add-on 1.19

Sniffer, the Ancient Mob Add-on

Sniffer is the favorite in the voting of the Mobs 2022 for Minecraft. If you like this character, be sure to vote for him during voting. If the mob will not appear in the game, you can use the Sniffer, the Ancient Mob mod, which adds Sniffer to the game. The Mob has become a favorite of the author of the add-on.

Ancient Eggs
Spawn: Beaches
If you step on it, the block will break and the Sniffer egg will appear
Sniffer, the Ancient Mob Add-on 1.19

Sniffer egg
An Ancient Neck Egg will appear after a while

An Ancient Egg with Neck
The Sniffer appears from the egg when the egg is broken or after some time after placement

Sniffer all around
Occasionally drops random seeds

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