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Dragonborn Add-on 1.17+/1.18

Dragonborn Add-on

Bring Skyrim straight to Minecraft with the Dragonborn mod. The build includes everything from the most popular game: screams, dragons, Daedric lairs and more. The author also added 2 sets of armor, which also includes swords and bows. Let's start by looking at the structures that will appear in this addition.

Daedric Lair.
Represents a dungeon that can appear everywhere. This is where the Dremors' spawners are located. Treasure can also be found.

A powerful fighter with great agility and 75 health units. They will talk to the player and say unpleasant things to provoke users. Carry a special sword that can push enemies around. Dropping Daedric Hearts.

Dragon's Lair.
A small area of land where walls of words appear. In addition, valuable items guarded by dragons can be found here. If you get close to the dragons, he will fight you. The mob has three battle phases: the flight phase with fire breath for 600 health units, the dive phase and high speed attack with 700 health, the ground phase with fire breath and bite for 800 health units. Upon death, the dragon drops dragon bones, which are used to craft armor and other equipment.

Waiting Phase

Flight Phase

Hovering Dragon Phase

Ground Phase

Dragon Drops
Dragonborn Add-on 1.17+/1.18

Items in the Dragon Chest

Wall of Shout

Shout Box

Scream Readers item.
Needed for destroying walls of words and receiving screams

Dragon Priest Mask

Portal to Sovngarde
To create a portal, you will need to place a boulder in the portal frame of the End and drop the dragon priest mask into it. Before the portal opens, the dragon priest Krosis will be waiting for you

Dragon Priest Krosis
Health: 1000
Fires fireballs.
Spawns minions.
Summons meteors.
Drops a Daedric sword, 10 cores of shouts, and a breastplate of dragonbones.

There's another boss waiting for you in Sovngarde itself, Alduin. It's another powerful dragon.
Health: 2000.
Can bite.
Can summon a meteor.
Can use fire breath with lightning.
Will try to shove the player into the abyss

Scream Types
There are 10 types available:
Whirlwind Run : speeds up the player
Summon the Durnief: Saves the dragon
Ruthless power: throws enemies away
Clear Sky: Clears the sky
Storm Call : Summons Storm
Breath of Fire: Ignites enemies, leaves a trail of fire, and deals desiccation
Frost Breath: Freezes enemies, leaves an icy trail, and casts frostbite
Elemental Fury: Increases strength, agility, and speed.
Dragonburst: Causes dragons to land
Death Mark: casts negative effects to kill enemies faster
Players are almost unaffected by shouts

Crafted like normal bows, but for each one, daedric hearts and dragon bones are used respectively.

Armor and Swords
A Daedric sword throws enemies off when attacked. The dragonbone sword has no abilities, but deals high damage. Armor is crafted the same way with the corresponding materials.

Update V2
Improved dragon animations and dragonbone sword abilities. The main thing is Magic Scrolls, which add certain abilities. Three types are available.

Changes in the new version
Changed drop from mobs
Added new aspects to swords
Changed mob abilities
Tuned animations
Recreated sword stats
Reduced the size of the add-on
Added magic scrolls
Flying dragons shoot less often

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